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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke





Symptoms of Pedophileophobia / Pedophilehysteria

Make no mistake "Pedophileophobia" is a real illness and very harmful to society.  Below is a list of its symptoms.

1) Presenting an overly emotionally charged doting attitude towards children:  "They are the most important things in our lives.  We must protect their innocence.  They are our sweet angels."  Of course, children are quite important, but these kind of attitudes and expressions are not normally used by well balanced, healthy-minded adults who do not have obsessions about children. 

2) Overly hateful remarks: "Molesters are the lowest scum of the earth." [real quote] "Sex offenders have no rights not in my book! Any body that does a crime against a child should rot and die in prison!!!!" [real quote].  Real molesters, that is, adults who involve themselves in overtly sexual ways with children are committing grievous crimes.  They deny the children they molest natural sexual experiences with their peers as they grow older and distort their views of what sex is all about.  But, even given that, it is very rare that we would call anyone "scum," or other such derogatory expressions, except for the most reprehensible offenses such as mass murder, genocide, etc.  Some would feel that no human being should ever be described by such terms.  Such expressions are obvious indications of fanaticism. 

3) Self-empowerment phrases: "My patience runs out when I read about ... "  "I'll come after them myself ...."  They give subjective rather than objective remarks.  Such people have feelings of inferiority and are in it for themselves.  It makes them feel superior to pretend that good and bad all comes down to their "own," but actually adopted politically correct, opinion; and they view themselves as the knight in shining armor that will avenge and protect our children.

4) Over generalizing: "We are talking about child molestation here you know."  That's as silly as saying we are talking about stealing here you know, lumping shoplifting right together with bank robbery.  Not being able to distinguish between levels of criminal behavior displays a lack of thought and actually a lack of intelligence.  Their attitude and language demonstrates the feeling that all sex offenders are the same.  These people always ignore or avoid talking about the particulars of any crime.  Sex offenders of children are all just "molesters" -- misdemeanor or felony, consensual or non-consensual, true love or just sexual lust is all the same to the pedophileophobe.

5) Exaggerated claims of harm: They portray that any act at all that can be considered the least bit sexual between an adult and a child is just de facto traumatizing to a child, as if age alone can somehow turn an otherwise harmless act into a very serious act.  Such exaggerations often utilize the continual use of loaded terms such as "hurt": "I don't see how a person can hurt a child like that," and referring to any adult sexual contact with a child as "sexual abuse," rather than more honest language like "inappropriate sexual behavior."  The worst is "survivor of sexual abuse" giving the false and obviously rather ridiculous impression that many, if not most, children die as a result of sexual contact with an adult.  Though everyone knows that is not true, including the people who use the expression, the word "survivor" itself serves their purpose to brainwash and unjustly magnify the harm of inappropriate sexual conduct between an adult with a child.  

6) An unrealistic fear that their own child will be molested, or worse kidnapped and murdered: Death at the hands of a pedophile is almost certainly the rarest cause of death among children.  As far as molestation is concerned, virtually all children get molested to some extent by someone somewhere: a brother, sister, cousin, doctor, teacher, uncle or aunt and or even a parent will inevitably do something that could be called molestation.  Everyone gets molested at least a little even if done under the guise of play.  An older sister might pull her brother's pants down, or a doctor might exam a little too thoroughly, a parent will needlessly have their children run around naked, sometimes in front of strangers.  While true molestation can be quite harmful, everyone gets molested a little and the vast majority grow up to be completely normal.        

7) Always holding the child  blameless:  They feel that children would never lie, never have an ulterior motive for lying, and could never actually be the true sex predators themselves.  It has been admitted by teens themselves that they have focused on adults and tired to seduce them, yet pedophilophobes just don't care -- it's just always the adults' fault.  It was documented that a particular a teen boy admitted he made it his goal to seducing his young attractive female teacher, however nobody cared about that and she went to prison and absolutely nothing happened to him, except that now his own guilt for causing such harm to his teacher will haunt him for the rest of his life, but not due to his own actions actually, but due to the irrational pedophilophobes who put her in prison.  Many times children, even young children, do provoke and initiate the incident, often forcefully and with great persistence.  Some schools are now admitting this is true and are now keeping records of students' sexual behavior toward adults and giving the children counseling.

8) Referring to teenagers as children:  A person stops being a child at the age of 11 and  becomes an adolescent at the age of 12, yet most laws and people inexplicably refer to anyone under the age of 18 as being  a child when speaking in reference to sex crimes.  This is done to make the teen appear to be more helpless and victimized than what is actually true.

9) Refusal to admit that teens and even some children can be found to be sexually attractive to any number of perfectly normal adults:  While it may be antisocial, and wrong to have actual sexual involvement with those under the age of 18, it is certainly not abnormal in many instances to at times find those under the age of 18 sexually attractive.  Portraying such attractions as  pedophilia is not only medical wrong, but just not realistic.  Most young men in their twenties or even thirties would find that "that" cute cheerleader at the local high school quite desirable, but pedophileophobes pretend such thoughts don't exist in normal adults and delude themselves saying such desires constitute a mental or criminal illness.  In fact, such hysterical pedophileophobes world erroneously interpret these very comments to mean this site supports adults having sex with cheerleaders or something just as crazy, when nothing of the such is being implied at all.  

10) Having no feelings, remorse, or concern that hundreds of thousands of Americas, and now others around the world, are methodically having their lives ruined:  The pedophileophobe doesn't care how many adults are hurt in order to get to the few who do commit serious crimes; they actually rationalize that all adults who have been convicted of a sex crime are just all the same anyway, so who cares about the details?  Such people are hysterical and don't concern themselves with the reality that many adults who have done relatively little or even nothing, are methodically having their lives ruined by Megan's Law and other sex laws that advertise their crimes and don't allow them to live and work where they want, even after serving their sentences or even after legal expungement of their crimes.  Only in Communist countries and in Nazi Germany have people ever been denied to choose where they wish to live!  Such laws have absolutely been unheard of in civilized constitutional countries until recently.

11) Having no foresight or concern for the long term consequences of their fanaticism:  Ironically, people who are afflicted with pedophileophobia are completely oblivious to the fact that their own children, whom they are trying so desperately to protect, will soon grow up and be subject to these same insidious laws.  They'll be whistling a different tune when little Johnny gets thrown into prison just for having cyber-sex with an underage girl or having consensual sex with his underage girlfriend and gets his life ruined till the day he dies.  

"The best cure for ignorance is education."

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