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Welcome to the comments area of this site.  Here are comments either directly sent to the site or taken from other related sources:

Hello my name is Tatiana i have a somewhat very similar story. my husband was arrested in 2002 of statutory rape i was the victim. i consented he consented. yet due to my evil parents they pressed charges. he ended up going to jail he served his time, paid fees, went to counseling, completed probation. we have been married for the past 3 years. like you stated on your website Megan's law is unconstitutional. we have a neighbor who has been harassing us for the past 2 years. this women knew he was a sex offender and was amazed by our story. she even gave us the application to move in. now 2 years later she is passing out flyers from Megan's law screaming at the top of her lungs sex offender sex offender. she does have a daughter who lives with her yet we live over 400 feet away. my husband cant get a job cant vote cant live all because of this crime we both consented in. we have done restraining orders we have called the police and there is no end to this hell. we have contacted lawyers public defenders and they stated it would cost about 1000 dollars to fully expunge his record. the public defender was "looking into it" i was thinking is there any way that you might know of possibly someone who could help us? i thought we possibly have a chance because we are married and i am the victim we are being harassed constantly it is truly unfair and unjust. i read a little of your story and i thought you would find our story interesting. Tatiana and Raymond



I just want to thank you for your website. Megan's Law is so broad it punishes those who don't deserve to be punished and the real offenders get off. There has to be something that can be done about this law and about sex offense sentencing. My boyfriend is away right now for being lied to by a minor. She said she was 18-years-old and after they had cybersex on the computer she told him she was 14. Now he's locked up. Then I find out the judge who sentenced him gave a child molester 5 years probation!!! How is that fair?? I'm sick over this whole law. I want to do something about it I just don't know where to start. My boyfriend does not deserve to be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Before his sentencing he had to change jobs, get rid of his condo, pets, etc. because of the chance of going to jail. He had to change jobs because of an article that was put in the paper about him. And of course people believe everything they read so they gave him no chance to explain what really happened. It makes me sick because my boyfriend is someone everybody loves when they meet him. He's the best person that ever came into my life and he was taken away from me because of some little bitch that lied to him. He knows he made a mistake and feels such remorse for what he did. He was at a very low point in his life. He's not a threat to society and because of this stupid law he's going to have to suffer for the rest of his life. He was sentenced for 4 years. I want him home now! He doesn't deserve to be in jail. The girls who go online and lie about their age are the ones who should be in trouble. Why doesn't anything happen to them?? Sorry to babble but I'm so upset about this whole thing.

-- Kristy


This is one of the best and well thought out comments I have ever read.  I hope the author doesn't mind me borrowing it:

This "SEX OFFENDER" registry is all about politics and votes. Eventually we'll be like the Jews were back in Hitler's days, we are already being banished from everywhere. You can't go to any hotel / motel with a pool, church or school near by. For all the hate-mongers out there, please think about this, eventually they'll pass some law which effects you. What's next? Concentration camps?

If you read Hitler's "Mein Kampf" he says: "The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation." -Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Publ. Houghton Miflin, 1943, Page 403.   You think I'm kidding?  It's occurring today, open your eyes and look around. Eventually they'll do this for murderers, drug dealers, gang members, DUI offenders, the list goes on. They are doing this, to see what the public will allow, then it will only get worse my friend.

I was convicted back in 1989 for accidentally exposing myself, and I do mean accidentally, and am not in denial. I was getting out of the shower, glanced out a window, and a young girl was standing by my window. She wasn't looking in, but she was talking with a friend and she saw me, then she told her parents, and the rest is history. Since the law passed, I've had to move 6 times already within 1 month, move away from my family, who needs me, and supports me.

I've never physically touched a child, and have never had the desire to harm a child or anyone for that matter, yet I'm being labeled a leper by society. People are also denying "sex offenders" jobs, housing, etc. I am all for punishing the violent lunatics who prey on kids, they need to be locked up, but everyone labeled as a "sex offender" is not the violent, pedophile all the media is portraying.  I'm not sitting behind some bush waiting for your kid to come by. Give me a break folks? Why am I being re-punished when I've done everything I am suppose to be doing?  I've had to move out of Cobb County, because I could NOT find a hotel / motel to stay in that was not next to a school, church or pool.  I fail to see how this is fair.  All states need to come up with something else which is fair for everyone.  If you ever get caught peeing outside, bam, you are now a sex offender, then I bet you will be screaming the law is crazy. This is just something to test the waters, and if society accepts it, it WILL GET WORSE for EVERYONE!  Mark my words for it. Peace, and God Bless Everyone!

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